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Job Fair Preparation

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Wondering how to make the most of a job fair? 
Here are the Top 10 Things Candidates Wish They Had Done Before Attending the Fair: (Based on surveys conducted after previous WestPACS fairs)

       10.  Worn a suit jacket
        9.  Brought a portfolio with paper and pen
        8.  Worn comfortable shoes
        7.  Looked up the location of employers (there's an interactive floor map in the app)
        6.  Prepared a self-introduction (30 seconds)
        5.  Improved their resume
        4.  Brought a friend with them
        3.  Taken more copies of their resume
        2.  Researched the employers ahead of time
        1.  Had prepared specific questions for each employer

Wondering What to Wear?
For men: 
For women: