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Not from a WestPACS Member School?

Students and Alumni from other schools are welcome to attend the WestPACS Job and Internship Fair and will be accepted the day of the fair at the Walk-In Registration tables on site.

The walk-in registration fee is $10.00 (cash only). Pre-registration is not available to candidates from non-member schools.  A list of member schools can be found here.

Please adhere to our Event Entrance Policies:
  • To enter the fair, candidates must have completed or be currently enrolled in an associate, bachelors or graduate degree program. All candidates are required to present a resume stating school and degree information upon entering the fair.
  • Appropriate dress is required for admission to the job fair. Candidates are strongly advised to wear business professional interviewing attire such as a business suit. Candidates may be denied entrance to the fair if not appropriately dressed.
  • Only candidates for jobs and internships will be allowed into the employer area. Guests accompanying candidates are not permitted into the job fair.
  • Children are not permitted.

      How to Prepare for the Fair
      Online Database of Employers

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